Welcome To The Children's Museum At Yunker Farm
Dollars For Discovery

Dollars for Discovery is the annual fund raising campaign that raises funds for the operational expenses needed to keep The Children’s Museum at Yunker Farm magical!!! The funds are used to heat, cool, insure, clean, and maintain the building. The funds are also used for exhibit creation and maintenance of ‘hands on exhibits’ that are often in need of repair, cleaning or replacement.



Before the museum opened the Junior League Members (our founding mother’s) called the campaign the scavenger hunt. They put on yellow hard hats, used empty paint cans and went door to door (businesses and individuals) to secure donations for the renovations. Donations included things like paint, brushes, nails, carpet, windows, etc. etc…


Once the museum opened it became the Dollars for Discovery Campaign with the primary mission of raising funds to help supplement the earned revenue (admissions paid at the door) so as to keep admission affordable for all families.


If you would like to donate to the Dollars for Discovery campaign, contact :