Welcome To The Children's Museum At Yunker Farm
What Is Outreach

The Mooving Museum! The Children's Museum provides off-site, after or during school programming.  Each Outreach combines science and art in a fun and creative manner, synonymous with The Museum's programming. Outreach enables us to reach children who may not otherwise be able to have a Children's Museum experience.

Outreach Costs:
Contact the museum for reservations and costs.

Outreach Details:

  • Museum provides volunteers for in town outreaches.

  • Out of town outreaches need to provide their own volunteers (at least 5).

  • Each station takes approximately 10-12 minutes.

  • The outreaches each have 5 stations.

  • For more information on the outreaches click on the outreach.

Outreach Programs

Cool Colliding Colors

  • K-3 Activities

  • Practice Primary Color Recognition

  • Create Creamy Colors

  • Design Colorful Crayon Resists


Fabulous Five Senses

  • K-3 Activities

  • Snazzy Smelling

  • Touch and Guess Games

  • Sense-able Art

  • Sight Seeing Fun

Crazy Creepy Crawlies

  • K-3 Activities

  • Explore Metamorphosis

  • Discover Insects and spider parts

  • Creepy Crawly Crafts

  • Learn about the creepy, crawly parts

Buzzin' Bee

  • K-3 Activities

  • Bee Communication

  • Bee-utiful Art Parts

  • Buzzin’ Art work

  • Bee Colonies


Funky Fossils

  • K-3 Activities

  • Practice Paleontology

  • Finding Fossils

  • Create a Fossil

  • Discover How Fossils are Made